I Ran the Night


You are shocked?
I know.
Me too.
In school, you can hardly get me to run 500m, at this age I ran 10KM on my own.
So let me be honest, between you and me, this thing was not completely voluntary.

My little sister registered me for this run, insisting I need to train before my next SCKLM. I didn’t bother about the details at all, except the fact that this run is a 10KM. I didn’t even check the route up to the day of the event. Lol. My sister did all the necessary things and all I did was pay her.

My husband helped picked up our kits from Starling Mall. And the three black bags with the word Score plastered across sat in our cupboard, untouched. It wasn’t until a day before that I picked one up and shook out all the contents to find anything resembling a route. Nothing. But it does contain 3 packs of mini Oreos, 2 Milo bars, feminine wash, men’s face wash (I think!) , flyers of future running events and vouchers. A number of colleagues joined the run too, but since I made promise with my sister

On the morning of the run, I received a text from my sister, telling me she could not make it since she had a severe food-poisoning, she couldn’t even lift up her fat eight-months-old baby who were already the same weight as the 18 months old Winter. And naturally, her husband needed to be there for her more than the Score Run needed him, so I was left there hanging on my own.

Heartbeat’s friend, Aydean, came over for playdate and his mom offer to accompany me to the run. Up to the minute when we left the house at nearly 5.30 p.m, the sky was still dark. And knowing me and my hatred of getting wet in public, there is no way I would run in the rain. My love for running is nowhere near that level yet, apparently. But I went anyway, secretly hoping against hope that there will be a downpour and they will cancel the event and just give out the medal ha ha ha ha ha.

Fat chance.

The sky was dead clear 15 minutes to gun. There is no way I could get out of this, is there? Imagine going home and my husband asked how was the run and I said, “Oh, I didn’t run, we just hang out at Starbucks.” Not to mention, it will just be downright embarrassing since my colleagues already know I was running 10KM. Talk about saving face. So I started warming up, loosening all my muscles and stretching my legs, and started light-walking in one place. I did not run the previous week because we had a busy schedule, I didn’t know if I could still fare well.

I remember having chest pain as early as KM 2, which I find weird since I know I can run at least 4KM without any pain. The thought of giving up creeped in, trying to convince me I was not in a good shape that day. But I went on nevertheless. But I realised soon that running is really more a mental game than a physical game. The moment you see people around you slowing down and walking, you started to not feel the need to run too. And before you knew it, you are already dragging your feet across, not only slopes, but on even ground too. I would highly recommend you set a clear goal prior to running and get yourself one of those running watches because having to dip into your pocket every now and then to check your pace can be really troublesome.

I had my share of shin splits too every now and then. The pain got better when I started paying attention to my landings and then came again when I forgot. I am no expert in this, you know, And around KM6, my right shoulder started to hurt. It was a really annoying kind of pain and it would not go away no matter how I stretched. Today when I googled, apparently, I found out that neck and shoulder pain during running are not unusual for beginners. You have to keep your posture in check, which is ultimately difficult for me since I can’t even keep my posture straight when standing still. Lol.

But anyway, the lowest low came right after they split back the 10KM and 5KM. For a moment I breathed a sigh of relief that we are going downwards, until I went on and saw those crowd faster than me was climbing up those super high flyover or bridge whatever  across one of Putrajaya’s many lake right in front of my eyes. You must be kidding me, right?

But I finished nevertheless. 7 minutes later than the goal I set. But I will just be glad by the fact that I stayed through those 10KM and didn’t quit. After all, isn’t that the first rule of long-distance running? To not quit.

I learned a great deal this time. Initially I had thought of the lesson of my 5KM when I drank loads of water and could not run for the next kilometre because I felt like throwing up, so I take only one cup of water at the first water station. But the weather was killing me so I took two cups of 100 Plus at the next water station. Instead, I remember to take sips not gulps. I also learned to not pay attention to others and just focus on finishing. I take a look of the crowd behind me every now and then, and reminded myself I am not last, therefore I am doing a great job and should not quit.

Now, two days later, my right leg is still hurting, namely the area behind my knee (Any doctors want to explain why?). The pain shot whenever I abruptly got up from a sitting position. But other than that, I think every other pain is much much better than I expected they would be. I don’t even need a massage parlour, hey.

But I’m going to massage parlour anyway. And you can wait for my post on my favourite massage parlour soon.

Until then. I hope you start running too.

Ha ha ha tiberrr.




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