Kids on Europe Tour?

I posed this question on my instastory and got the below replies from people.

I got a majority of Bring Them! answers because we are moms who can’t sleep without their kids. Admit it. Lol. Heartbeat could go sleep at my in-laws for a night and I would be complaining to my husband how I miss him. 15 days would seem unliveable.

Or wait, maybe I totally could. Haha.

But this is Europe trip we are talking about. Underline that Europe word. Although there will be cost hike due to the additional two monsters, the major obstacles in all of these are once you bring your kids, the whole vacation would be about them.

My kids are charming, really, but I don’t think Heartbeat would be interested in Anne Frank, he’s big about boys-only stuff and Winter won’t bat a lid at architecturial masterpiece. And trust me, until we go somewhere they can play, there is an 82% possibility that Heartbeat will chant are-we-done? every 3 minutes. Except if between this point and the day we go, he changes personality.

And that kid is totally mine, he has that love for hotel room too. The other day I was scrolling through hotels in Germany (not telling you which city but seriously it’s painful to get a room that allows you to accomodate four people, the option is between hostels with bad reviews and Marriott/Ritz-Carlton/Hilton.) and he was already super excited he was already asking where we are going. Again, I cannot say because he will be repeating about it everyday, then.

Again when you bring kids there are the whole episodes of stroller-or-no-stroller, Omak-I’m-tired-I-cannot-walk, Omak-I’m-too-sleepy-I-cannot-open-my-eyes, Omak-I-tried-the-food-it’s-not-nice. Compare that too the fact that you get to add a hefty more places to visit without them, it just became to tempting that it can almost matches 15 nights without them.

Up till now my entire itinerary still includes them, don’t worry. I am after all, just at city number two. But thanks for voting!

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