4th of Ramadhan

So how was your Ramadhan so far?

Mine has been chaotic mornings and sleep-lackings. The past years I had it easier since Heartbeat went to school with his dad so I can have ten-minutes more of sleeping before I get going. Even last year, Winter was a 6-months-old who still could not move around much so it was much much easier. This year I have Heartbeat school round in addition to Winter’s. And my husband suddenly said we should have more rice and veggies for sahur. I guess the old age has taken its toll on us.

So for the past 3 days I had been racing with time, waking up as early as 4 (actually I woke up multiple times before the alarm goes of because I’m too terrified I’d miss the sahur) prepare whatever I have to for sahur, make sure that the kitchen is cleared for cooking later that day, make sure the proteins are down from freezer for faster defrosting, preparing kids bag, preparing my stuff *catch a breath*. The first day of Ramadhan, which happened to be the Monday AND the first day after long shutdown for our company (just imagine the blues) I was downright blurred. I didn’t have my coffee, so I tried to take things slow and easy and ignored the cries of people asking for submission or revision or whatever. Sorry, people. Until I get used to this new routine, I’m afraid you will just have to bear with my slow pace.

I think two nights ago, Winter wanted to go to sleep early. He pulled my hands to bed at 8.30 pm and we both fell asleep. And then I woke up to the sound of someone reciting al-Quran from the nearest mosque. I went automatically into panic mode, how many minutes more left before Subuh! I adjusted my eyes to check the clock at the living room to see that it is only 10.30 pm. Someone is reciting after Tarawikh. Pheww!

But I have been doing great at cooking department, I haven’t slacked off even one meal yet. But I noticed I am a lot sleepier. I have every intention to send the kids to sleep by 9 every night so I can get more sleep before I wake up for sahur preparation. And even right now, I am barely awake. So in case I am rambling, you should know why.

Any tips on how to reduce this sleepiness? Sleeping more/quality sleep isn’t an option.

Anything else?

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