A Story: Alana

The day we don’t have discussion or tutorials after 6 pm, I get to have my time at 8. It’s when instead of tagging behind the girls, they tagged behind me. Yonna hates the gym, or anything that involves sweating. But Elle insists that it would be beneficial for us all too. Something about endorphins and dopamines. Today we just jogged around the track. My watch barely clocked 4KM and Yonna looks positively like she is going to faint. Such drama, I rolled eyes at her.

I like being outside at this weather. They are, of course, much better than being inside the stuffy lecture halls listening to the professors droning on and on when half of the class are eye-glassed. The days had grown hotter as we moved well into May, but the nights are still cool. The chest pain from running in the cold as your lungs fight for more oxygen can really make you feel as if your death is near, but so I just love the exhilarating feeling that overwhelms me once the pain settles.

I doubt Yonna thinks the same.

There was a buzzing sound of a vibrating phone. Elle picked it up. Professor Cain. I hate him. But he adores Elle. What professor doesn’t adore Elle? The frontline-seated, Ms Know-it-All. She’s probably the only one who finds taking down notes through endless powerpoint slides more exciting than being outside in summer. I heard Elle mumbles and then said a yes-I’ll-be-there.

Oh, no.

“Professor Cain wants to see us!” She announced.

“But I’m not finished yet!” I protested. Surely there’s something else more important than her grade. For example, my cardio exercise.

“Let’s run again tomorrow,” she said, already getting up on her feet. She remind me of that dog that promptly runs over as soon as its owner whistle.

“But isn’t it a bit too late, Elle?” Lynne asked.

Ah, everyone knows how Lynne hates having her early bedtime ruin. And it’s already almost 9.

“The quicker we go, the quicker we finish.” Elle shrugged.

Lynne isn’t much someone who would argue to begin with. She’s quiet, she’s nice and she for sure can’t get people to sway to her side. So I put my hand around her to let her know I understand how she feels. Well, didn’t I just got my exercise time ruined too?

We all went with Elle in the end, a few steps behind her.

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